Build a scalable backend at lightning speed

DevLess is a platform that allows you to easily build robust backends for your web and mobile applications by piecing together plug and play backend modules.

Getting started is easy. Set up your
backend instantly, without touching code.
Roll out an instance

Set up a DevLess instance with a 1-click deployment step. You can also deploy on other host of your choice.

Install plug and play modules

DevLess provides plug and play modules for common functionality you’ll need to power your backend, including authentication, user management, and transactional emails.


Use any frontend technology of your choice - it’ll work with your DevLess backend.

Quick Deployment steps
Create your backend in under 2 mins
The flexibility you need,
without the long hours of coding
Say goodbye to vendor lock-in!

DevLess is open source, thus is infinitely customizable, and you’ll never be locked into a proprietary system. We are backed by a community of developers who contribute to the project and provide a high level of support to the project.

Get Started
Detailed documentation and tutorials.

Learning to use DevLess is fast and easy, thanks to our detailed documentation and accompanying tutorial videos and articles. Boilerplate templates for popular frontend platforms will also be available soon.

Get Started
Here are some reasons why
Smart developers use DevLess for their apps.
Build fast at less cost

Code less, develop more. Spend more time on marketing and experimenting with new ideas.

Modular and extensible

Use our plug and play modules, customize them, or build custom modules that meet your specific needs with our easy-to-use engine.

World-class build quality

As an open project, DevLess is ruthlessly peer reviewed to ensure that the code meets international best practice. Many reviewers guards against security flaws.

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