Focus less on code and more on your product

DevLess is an easy to use open source framework that provides backend functionalities right out of the box and on demand (backend as a service)

Building your product should be easy period !!
Roll out an instance

Set up a DevLess instance with a 1-click deployment step. You can also deploy on any host of your choice.

Install plug and play modules

DevLess provides plug and play modules for common functionality you’ll need to power your app, We also provide custom functionalities on demand.


Use any frontend technology of your choice - You can also get started with our starter pack.

Quick Deployment steps
Create your backend in under 2 mins
The flexibility you need,
without the long hours of coding
Say goodbye to vendor lock-in!

DevLess is open source, thus is infinitely customizable, and you’ll never be locked into a proprietary system. We are backed by a community of developers who contribute to the project and provide a high level of support to the project.

Get Started
No more migrations, deployment headaches

Forget all the traditional processes you go through just to get you app running. DevLess can be likened to an automatic gear box. It handles all the boiler plate work leaving you to focus on your app. Learn more from our Docs

Get Started
Here are some reasons why
you should use DevLess for your next app.
Easy to Use

Build your app using a GUI. All you want is an app so launch now code later.

Baked In and On Demand Functions

DevLess provides functionalities common to apps. But also allows you to task our community devs to build you a custom service. You don't have to do it all.

Business First

Most frameworks focus on making coding easy, DevLess focus more on supporting your business. DevLess is built with the business owner's mind set

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