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Apply today in free refrigerator programs. And get a refrigerator free from the organizations that provide free refrigerators in 2022.

The word free excites everyone. And free refrigerator programs are the latest talk these days in town. What if I tell you that you can get a refrigerator free of cost. Maybe it may sound weird but it is true. Here we discuss such free refrigerator programs that provide you 100% refrigerator free of cost. Read along.

Free refrigerator programs are run by several organizations. They provide refrigerators free of cost to help and support people who can’t afford them. Such people are in dire need of a refrigerator due to some medical emergencies and other reasons. Organizations provide free refrigerators which consume less energy compared to other available refrigerators in the market. In this article, we discuss the free refrigerator program in detail.

4 Organizations That Run Free Refrigerator Program.

Unfortunately, low-income people can’t afford an expensive refrigerator. For such low-income people, there are organizations to support them. These organizations run a free refrigerator program. So people who are in dire need of it can get free refrigerators from the refrigerator free programs. Let’s discuss the organizations in detail which provide refrigerators free of cost.

free refrigerators
free refrigerator programs
  • LADWP’s Free Refrigerators Exchange Program.

LADWP’s refrigerator exchange program provides a refrigerator free of cost. The Free refrigerators they provide are energy-saving. You can get an energy-star-rated free refrigerator from them. They run a low-income appliance replacement program. This simply means you will get a brand new refrigerator in exchange for an old one. But your old refrigerator has to qualify for it.

A 15 or 18 cubic foot model you will get is very efficient and also cost-saving. There are some criteria set by the authorities of their programs. You have to qualify to get free refrigerators. The criteria you have to qualify is:

  1. Applicants must not have appeared in the program earlier.
  2. Applicants should be LADWP customers. And he/she should be a member of groups that the agency provides you with during filling out the application form.

Additionally, there are some requirements that your older refrigerator has to qualify to get exchanged. Here is the complete list of requirements they asked for.

  1. Your refrigerator should fall in the LADWP service territory.
  2. Your refrigerator should be owned by a property owner, tenant, or organization.
  3. Applicants must have used the old refrigerator for at least 10 years during applying.
  4. Applicant refrigerators must work during the time of exchange.
  5. The area which the refrigerator covers should be 14 cubic feet.
  6. Should be used as a primary unit, not a storage one.
  7. It should be properly plugged into an outlet that is grounded.

Now if you can, your old model refrigerators fit in criteria then apply in the free refrigerator program. When authorities find you eligible for the refrigerator free of cost. Surely you will get a refrigerator free of cost. These free refrigerators will save a lot on your energy bills. Visit the local office of this organization in your area to get more information about them and their services.


LIHEAP stands for low-income home energy assistance program. They run a free refrigerator program to provide free refrigerators. People who can’t afford such expensive gadgets can get refrigerators free of cost from here. LIHEAP was funded federally and made to help and support low-income families. Simply, they provide some financial help to get energy-efficient gadgets.

Energy-efficient refrigerators free of cost help them to save on energy bills. Sometimes LIHEAP directly provides an appliance itself. There are some eligibility criteria that you have to fulfill. Importantly they will surely ask for the income of your family. Remember it is a federally funded program that is run by every state. Criteria can vary depending on the state.

Some policies also included repair or replacement. This simply means a state decides that an appliance has to be repaired or replaced to make it more efficient in this policy. As we read above, it is run by the federal government. So anyone can claim the benefits from any state, city, town, county of the USA.

Sometimes it can be possible that due to lack of resources you don’t get benefits. At that time you can wait or you can also apply in another free refrigerator program. Visit the official website of this organization to get more information about its services and benefits.

  • WAP.

WAP stands for the weatherization assistance program. The government runs this free refrigerator program to help low-income families. The main aim of this organization is to lower the risk of the environment by using energy-efficient gadgets. Low-income people who can’t afford energy-star-rated gadgets can apply in their free fridge program.

They provide financial help to low-income families. Sometimes they assist people with the energy-efficient gadgets themselves. WAP provided finances of $8,000 that completely depend on the family income. Organizations check the income, house of unfortunate people before awarding.

People with disabled family members, children, elders, and a member with special needs are qualified to apply for the program. Additionally, people who come under 200% below the poverty level are also eligible for the refrigerator free program near me and you. WAP is available in every major part of the United States of America like LIHEAP.

Visit the local office of WAP to apply for the free refrigerator programs. You can visit their official website too for applying. You will also get the other necessary information and details about their services.

  • ENERGY STAR Rebate Program.

The energy star rebate program is also a federal government assistance program. ENERGY STAR provides a free refrigerator near me and you. Free refrigerators are provided under the free refrigerator program. The appliance you get will be energy efficient like others. People who get such energy-efficient appliances can save a lot on their energy bills.

As it is a national federal government program it is available in every corner of the United States of America. Visit the local office of the ENERGY STAR rebate program in your locality and ask for the required help you want. You can also visit their official website which is available on the internet.

Also, you will get more information regarding their services and programs. Apply with a complete application form with proper details. And do attach the documents they asked for. Because a complete application has more chances to get qualified for the free refrigerators than the incomplete ones.


Refrigerators have become a basic need of our life. But not everyone is so fortunate to have these expensive gadgets. For them, an organization that is federally funded runs free refrigerator programs to help people. You can explore such organizations in the article above. We have discussed the free refrigerator program that is run by the federal government. The main aim of the organization is to lower the risk of the environment and help people. Thanks for reading.

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