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DevLess provides an easy to use Data Storage for web and mobile applications as well as application components so there's little need for developers to write custom code to handle complex functionalities of their app. Develop Less with DevLess.

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Focus on Optimizing your
Frontend and User Experience (UX)

Whether you are building a web application or mobile app (Hybrid or Native), the front-end is what users see and interact with. DevLess removes the need to do complex server-side operations via REST APIs allowing you to focus on building a product that satisfies them. Your product is for your users.

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Use your favorite Tech Stack.

Use whatever tech stack or programming language you are comfortable with to build your Web and Mobile Application. DevLess integrates easily with Angular Js, React Js, PHP, Node Js, Ruby on Rails, Python, etc. Even with HTML and CSS, DevLess provides an SDK which you could use to easily build a web application.

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